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Lewis McIntyre - The Eagle and the Dragon 
A fictional account of the first Roman diplomatic mission to China, based loosely on an actual Roman mission to China in 166AD, in which the emperors already knew each other by name... so obviously not the first. That first mission is lost to history, but my fictional account adheres closely to the historical facts.... and like most first missions, nothing goes right! 

Take an epic journey by sea and land through all the major empires of Eurasia at the dawn of the Second Century AD. There is action, adventure, skullduggery, pirates, three love stories... and oh, yes, camels! Don't forget the camels! 
On Amazon!

Tonya Price
I am very excited that Fiction River just released their anthology Hard Choices. My thriller short story, Payback is in the anthology.
On Amazon!

Mike KerrThe Legman
Micky Mulvihill, a journeyman reporter, follows a tip on a dangerous real estate scam. He is pulled into a national incident and politically sensitive homicide that the city wants to bury as an accident. Teaming up with Olivia Moore, an artist and academic, they seek answers amid growing fears of a predator whose horrific past is tied deep into the city's dark history.
Note: Seeking an HWA author who would be willing to provide an honest online review of the book


Polish Your Prose

By Paula Munier
Posted on 10/112018

In my job as an agent, I review countless pages, partials, and full manuscripts every year. Certain prose problems crop up over and over again, problems that can keep writers from getting published. In this ongoing Polish Your Prose series, I’ll tackle these issues one by one.


If good writing were a textile art, it would be a tapestry. A tapestry of character, dialogue, action, narrative, inner monologue, theme, setting, voice—all the elements of fiction woven together artfully into polished prose. Your goal: Writing a tapestry.

Beware the chunks

When you are writing and revising, think tapestry. As opposed to quilt.

Many new writers tend to write in elements chunks: Here’s a chunk that’s mostly all description, followed by a chunk that’s all narrative or backstory or world-building, then a chunk that’s all dialogue or action, etc. This is also where the dreaded “info dumps” come in—the clunkiest chunks of all. This creates a patchwork of chunks—a quilt.

Tapestry in action

These chunks are often most evident in the opening lines, paragraphs, pages of a story. That’s where we tend to explain too much (backstory), detail too much (info dumping), tell too much (exposition)—bogging the story down with backstory just as it’s getting underway.




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