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HWA 2018 Conference Will Be Here Before You Know It!

HWA 2018 - Providence RI -November 1-4, 2018

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Historical Fiction
Diana Gabaldon
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Historical Nonfiction
Gordon S. Wood

We are celebrating a Craft-tastic Weekend! Master Class Writing Intensives, craft and historical sessions, and so much more.

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2018 Presenter Profile:
Paula Munier

By Paul Davis
Posted on 7/9/2018

As a military brat, agent Paula Munier grew up everywhere: Georgia, Germany, Oklahoma, Ohio. Her childhood was a blur of Army bases, foreign countries, and Mayflower moving vans.

But she wasn't unhappy. She had an adoring mother—and books.

“My mom turned to reading for solace and solitude, for entertainment and enlightenment—and I learned to do the same.”

She read everything: Nancy Drew, the encyclopedia, Desmond Morris’s The Naked Ape.  And she wrote hundreds of letters to the families and friends she was forever leaving. Her father wanted her to be a helicopter pilot, but a nun in a New Orleans high school said she should write.

Munier heeded her teacher's advice. She sold her first magazine article to Cosmo for $50; worked as a reporter for various newspapers; wrote a YA novel for HarperCollins; edited a business magazine; worked for Prima Publishing, later acquired by Random House; and wrote a second book—On Being Blonde—in a month.

In 2012, she joined Talcott Notch Literary Services as a senior agent and content strategist.

“Being an agent calls upon all of my experience and expertise in writing, editing and publishing,” she says. “Most important, it allows me to do what I love best, helping writers realize their dreams of being published and building their careers.”


Read Your Way to Getting Published

By Paula Munier
Posted on 8/8/2018

One of the most common questions I get from aspiring authors is, “Which books on writing should I read?”

Of course, I am always tempted to reply: Mine. After all, I’ve written three books on writing. (If you must know: Plot Perfect, Writing with Quiet Hands, and The Writer’s Guide to Beginnings, all published by Writer’s Digest Books.)

But usually what I say is this: It’s a tough question. I have at least a thousand books on writing in my personal library, and I’ve read them all, and more. I suggest you do the same.

This is what I said just yesterday, when yet another writer asked me this question. But it reminded me that every book on writing that I’ve ever read gave me something I could apply to my own work—from huge epiphanies to lone snippets of wisdom—and that something alone proved worth the price of admission.

Some more than others. Which leads me to my favorite books on writing.




HWA 3rd Annual Conference
Providence, RI November 1-4 2018 - Save the date!


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Jodi Daynard
Parris Afton Bonds

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