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Thursday June 7, 2018

Write a novel – from first inspiration to final edit – then submission!


Have you got a book in you? Have you always wanted to get it out into the world but lacked the confidence? Then join award-winning, bestselling historical fiction author Chris (C. C.) Humphreys, for a one day writing workshop that will help you banish the critic, release your creativity, and introduce you to the secrets of novel construction, character development and sheer storytelling fun. With plenty of exercises to get the fingers and brain moving, and a step by step analysis of what makes a successful, exciting piece of fiction, participants will leave the workshop with the beginnings of a novel and a road map to help you finish it. Or if you have a piece that has sat in a drawer for years, Chris will show you how to regain your faith in it, and take it to the next level – maybe even all the way to publication. Subjects will include: the separate stages of writing - from first idea to final edit; how to create great characters; plotting; editing; dialogue; how to use your detailed research in effective storytelling; the synopsis, the pitch – and how to land a publisher.


Come for a day of fun and hard work: it’s time the world heard your story!


Full Day:                  Conference Attendees $80
General Public $125

Finish Your Book in Three Drafts: Crafting Fiction and
Creative Non-Fiction with the Book Architecture

It’s the age-old battle between the outliners and the pantsers – those who
meticulously script every writing session, and those who pilot solely by feel. Finding your unique approach requires a method rather than a formula. The Book Architecture Method has helped bestselling writers transform their messy
manuscripts into polished books. Accomplished and aspiring writers alike will learn the secrets of how to painlessly create a complex narrative such as:

• what “plotting” actually means, and why there isn’t one narrative arc but several
• how to make sure your book has one “theme” – and one theme only
• how to separate your work into scenes and use this disassembly to diagnose what’s going wrong with your manuscript
• the secret to why some narratives feel like they are all coming together at an
emotional pay-off while others do not 

This workshop will introduce writers to a process for organization and revision that includes in-depth exercises to be completed throughout the day so that attendees leave with a new perspective on their book’s core, its structure, and where the work of revision lies most clearly. The workshop assumes nothing of a writer’s previous knowledge of technique, nor how much of their manuscript is complete.

Full Day:          Conference Attendees $80
General Public $125

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