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Thursday November 1, 2018

Finish Your Book in Three Drafts: Crafting Fiction and
Creative Non-Fiction with the Book Architecture

It’s the age-old battle between the outliners and the pantsers – those who
meticulously script every writing session, and those who pilot solely by feel. Finding your unique approach requires a method rather than a formula. The Book Architecture Method has helped bestselling writers transform their messy
manuscripts into polished books. Accomplished and aspiring writers alike will learn the secrets of how to painlessly create a complex narrative such as:

• what “plotting” actually means, and why there isn’t one narrative arc but several
• how to make sure your book has one “theme” – and one theme only
• how to separate your work into scenes and use this disassembly to diagnose what’s going wrong with your manuscript
• the secret to why some narratives feel like they are all coming together at an
emotional pay-off while others do not 

This workshop will introduce writers to a process for organization and revision that includes in-depth exercises to be completed throughout the day so that attendees leave with a new perspective on their book’s core, its structure, and where the work of revision lies most clearly. The workshop assumes nothing of a writer’s previous knowledge of technique, nor how much of their manuscript is complete.

Full Day:          Conference Attendees $80
General Public $125

NOYE: Anyone registered for the full conference should log-in to receive the conference discount. 

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